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Hello to all!

Thanks for waiting patiently. This post is kind of like a pre-game to the excitement coming tomorrow ( i hope!)

This blog was conceived to answer to the various ideas that people (including our much-loved male counterparts) have about us as African women. We hope with this insight into the way our minds work it can be less of a battle between the sexes---
Originally I was going to rant about my issues about notions of Nigerian women - but then I thought these issues affect us all and can be fun if we all discussed general issues and had a space to do so - and so The African Women collective was born! (said to the tune of powerpuff girls)

the African women are a group of citizens concerned about notions of African feminity who hope that their insight will help clear the air - see the sidebar to learn about the very segzy members(lol)- about various serious and not so serious issues.
I don't want this to be like a women's studies paper soo there will be Pictures (giggle) (remember when we wouldn't read a book if it had no pictures??)

what are the different types of 'typical' African women?

1. Woman doing some sort of hard labour

I swear I found this under 'typical african woman'. Now while hard work is part of the life of any african woman with a family, it is hardly our typical look. I mean i doubt this woman goes out for regular business looking like this... it is not a typical look! I wonder how the world would be if this was the image of a typical western woman...

2. Naked Lady.
I'm not saying it's not / was not our culture at some point for young girls to walk around naked. Sugabelly would have my head. But some people are obsessed with this notion and think or hope we still wander around naked. Countless of times have I seen a visiting white freshman's eyes glaze over in expectation while watching National Geographic and I happen to walk by. hmpf the less said about this the better. It's kuku too cold to try it here.

Question to visitors: are there any ideas or stereotypes that annoy you or make you laugh- or that you agree with... all comments welcome. If it's truly insulting it will have to go, of course, and you will have to KNEEL DOWN THERE and RAISE UP YOUR HANDS. Our cultures include respect.


  1. omg, i'm actuali first!!
    know this blog is gonna rock!

    well, a stereotype that makes me laff is how some guys (and maybe even girls?) think that all calabar girls are amazing in not saying they are or aren't...cos i def dont know...i'm just saying that it is a random generalization. I wonder where it originated from??!

  2. The African Women...nice!

    Be back to read more...*

  3. hahaha I love you guys 'will have to KNEEL DOWN THERE and RAISE UP YOUR HANDS. Our cultures include respect.' You tell them!!

    hmmmm I have something to say...naija guys that come here say That if you are born and bred in london then you are Oyibo(British/white) ...britico and you cannot call yourself Nigerian ... Sorry but that offends me! when I call myself Nigerian they say no your British!! that really annoys me!

  4. hmm stereotypes, maybe not about African women alone but Africans in general. I hate it that people think we are all poor. I always have to make Oyinbo people understand that yes there are poor people in Africa...ALOT. but we still have people that can eat three meals a day and own 3 cars..humph!!!

  5. @tis all about me: Really dont think it has anythin to do with stereotypes. Calabar women are damn good in bed.shikena!...dont ask me...i got it on deck twice..LOL

    P.S: Great stuff done by you guys.Hopefully i might be knockin on your doors soon for some quick response to an agony uncle...hehe..

  6. this is really wonderful. nice stuff.

  7. hahahah@ kneel down and raise your hands

    Miss O
    I feel u jare. The problem is that they think Africa is a country(one country to be precise). We just have to educate them.

  8. This is so real and so true! I "think".I hate when people ask me if we have TVs and cable and things and joke about us living on trees. It's ok at first but when any people say it;it just exposes ignorance and I'm like "We are rich" in my country. Richer than the average family abroad. SO people need to stop downplaying African countries because they read in Economics textbooks that we are a "third-world" country. We are still comprised of educated ambitious and religious people.

    Nice for a first post loves!


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. LOL @ kneel down and raise up your hands!

    Being stereotypical is a problem all over the world. It has become less pronounced in the 'western world' because of education i think. With our beloved home Africa, i think lifting the cloud of ignorance would be the first positive step in that direction.

    Looking forward to tomorrow. x

  11. Bob-ij, When asked stoopid questions like that, I say 'Yes.' and walk away. There's no point in educating them.

    I hate the whole 'damsel in distress' stereotype. Like men walk up to you, and the first thing they say is 'I can take care of you' or they have that 'lemme buy u a drink' air like really? I'll buy you the damn bottle if you just get the frack off my line of sight!

  12. D one stereotype dat annoys me is dat cz u r a black gal,evry guy expects u 2 b able 2 wind nd dutty wine nd crap lyk dat.
    Also pple fink dat african women are nt enlightened nd dat dey take a lot of crap...cld b true in sum cases bt rily wts wit d generalisin??
    newaiz lookin 4ward 2 future posts.

  13. At last, it's here, what we've been waiting for!

    There's the general idea that african women shouldnt enjoy sex (female genital mutilation and all), I think that sucks! We are entitled to as much ecstasy as the men.


    can there please be a sign-off after each post with the writer's name? or will each post be a collaboration?

  14. I would say one of the ones that get to me is the fact that African men tend to think African women shouldn't have a voice or speak up when they don't agree with certain things be it at home or at work. I think a lot of women in Africa aren't being respected.

  15. I got to see african women work their hardest first hand....I give it to them with much respect. Ive never appreciated my life until I visited Nigeria and saw for myself!!

  16. I love this blog and I'm so happy it finally got started. Looking forward to further reading for sure! I'd have to agree with the stereotype of development, but then again that's not to do with women in particular. So many people are uneducated about Africa as a whole, it's diversity first and foremost. And the poverty/criminality, and the differences between all the cultures. People are so quick tojudge all as one. I also agree with Nice Anon and Juiceegal.

  17. Okay, nice post but I will agree with Smargard that it will be nice for each post to have a by-line of the writer. Today is 14th April. Am I missing something or did you miss your launch date of 13th April?

  18. Hahaha! Don't worry, I'll let that one slide. But you do have a very relevant point. While nudity is a huge part of a lot of African cultures, it would be silly to assume that African women are naked. All the time. Like most other aspects of our cultures, nudity whether partial or full has an important function.

    But that aside, I am TOTALLY excited about this your new blog/project. All the best!! I've blogrolled you!!

  19. our African women are our women and we love them is our duty however as African men to learn to love them better, & all that comes with it

    nice blog going here...

    PS: for all those that think we stroll about naked in Africa, may you die in your ignorance

  20. This is really a Good Start...More grease to your collective elbows....

  21. To be honest , most the the stereotypes I have in my head about African women are all positive ...maybe its because I'm an african woman :p

    actually now that I type that I realise that Ive come across a few negative ones

    1.Demanding / high maintenance (may not be negative as such ) but think of the lyrics about the "African Chick" in Jay-Z's Girls Girls song

    2. Bitchy - the perception in some modern western media stremas . E.g teh apprentice shows, ANTM etc there always seems to be an African bitch

  22. I can't wait to be a part of this blog...such a great start for April. U take care.

  23. the sterotype that kills me is when other nigerians assume u can't speak your language because of "how u look" in is ridic...when other ppl do it it's like well they are just foreign, but when a nigerian does it, i am just like u r some ignorant somborri yo!! evr haeard of not judging a macmillian by its cover??'lol

    nice space!

  24. Wow...Ladies I love this...the post is seriously "ON POINT"!!

  25. Welcome at long last...
    Keep it coming folks....

  26. I love it....and yes I'll say it again I love it when I'm being asked what part of Nigeria I come from and My response is (in a very sexy/pretty voice) "I'm from EDO STATE." The next thing you hear "awon obirin ye, wo n ma n do gan ni"-meaning those ladies love to have sex. I can't really testify to that but I know I'm gonna love it when I start having sex....can't wait!

    But I hate it when guys say we play hard to get....


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