Saturday, April 18, 2009

Audio Post: True Friends

I realize the video says it's April 18th (even though it's already April 19th), but that's because it took this thing over 30 minutes to upload a flippin video!  Well, enjoy, please.  And uhm... be nice in your comments.  See you next time.  *wink, wink*



  1. ooohhh let me go check out. :)

  2. what happened to the video? it disappeared!

  3. Anyway, good job Vera. U deserve a pat on the back.

  4. Great job Vera!!!!im at that point in my life where im trying to seperate the true friends from the "friends" so this really helped!
    thank u!

  5. I loved this! madam well done the video was cool , yes you sounded nervous but hey these things happen you'll get better hun!

    hahha @ forgetting their names ..Busola beat her! lol

    in regards to your main message , hmmm my sister you preached a good message. I can totally agree I started out with many many friends and I still have many well I call them 'hello and hi ppl' but the knitted friends I can count on my hands and I'm happy about that. I remember growing up I wanted so many friends ...

    I enjoyed this audio message

    lol@eat butter ...hahah

    yes it was cool

  6. lol what the other one name now.. busola better kill you...

    you sounded nervous, but you did a good job. Wonderful message.. they(your friends) sound more like sisters than your friends..

  7. Looks like Vera has had one betrayal too many.
    Shit happens! You e lucky though to have up to 2 true friends. One true friend is actually hard to find.
    Good message!

    You asked a question I want to answer.
    Q. Do you know how many times I have tried recording this thing?
    A. No ma, I don't know. Care to tell me?

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  9. When will you post the next clip?

    Nke a di uto.

  10. wooow that was brilliant!!
    your first audio blog...
    but i loved all of your points especially the way in which female friends are so plentiful in the beginnig, and how they dwindle down, as you mature.

  11. good job vera.

    Like Madea said, people come into your life for a reason. They are like leaves, once the season changes they wither and go away.

  12. Nice one
    True friends are hard to find. When you have one, hold them close and dear.

  13. you didnt do bad with your voice post...hehehe sound so much like a yoruba are very right on every count abt friends naturally withdrawing themselves from the equation of our lives

  14. lol...weldone Vera...I think I will follow suit on the audio blogging...hahhaha,..

    Realy cool, welldone...all ur friends are sooooo pretty!!

  15. very well done Vera; d audio post itself, the slide show of ur friends pix, etc...

    U were obviously a bit nervous, but hey! u had a right 2 be, on ur first audio voice would've been shaking like crayzee...

    well done...

  16. good job..d audio post makes lots of sense as per friendships...and im sure u'll get better n better and not have to re-record..nice one

  17. hope that was good validation for u..and lol @ funmi walking ard naked..

  18. awwww, vera! Sweet! I'm still always taken back by ur voice. It sounds like it doesn't belong to 'Vera'. lol

  19. nice slide

    nice voice

    so u rambled....i like

    as for friends....i only have true ones!!!!!!

    cos i don seperated the wheat from the chaff

  20. that was really good. the fact that you could even stick with the subject at hand for your first audio post, is remarkable. now i'm thinking of doing one of these. as for the friendship issue, you are so right. true friends are true friends. they might be a few but they are more potent than a hundred mere friends.

  21. GO VERA! GO VERA!!!!!!!!!!!
    9ice one

  22. i dey office so i go come back come read....or is it listen

  23. Vera, this voice did not sound like you oh!

    You really spoke the truth about friendship. I started out with many friends and now the ones I call true friends I can count on my fingers. How the others vanished, I really dont know but I know I have fallen out with a couple of them. Now I appreciate the ones I have.

  24. Hey Vera. You did great really. I think its very cool putting your self out there by letting us hear your voice. You have a lovely voice and its nice hearing it its like listening to a friend.

    And your right about what you say about seeing your through friends and seeing who really has your best at heart. I haven't really gone through the whole bad friend issues, but understand what u mean.
    I also do not have sisters that i grew up with but its true that u start to see ur good friends as sisters and that u can share with .
    Keep it up and looking forward to more audio post.

  25. Hmmmm, wish i could listen to this now but since am at work it has to wait till i get home.

  26. This is cool...very well articulated..I did not notice a hint of nerves at all

    You truly are blessed with those friends in your life...In today´s world most people will only stick around with you as long as they are benefitting from you.

  27. I finally get to hear Vera's voice for just two minutes...and I see I'm missing about six minutes of this audio post. Which kain wahala is this? I think you did well! Yes! I could tell from only listening to your voice for two minutes and seeing photos of those lovely ladies..all the time trynna guess who is who.(lol) Cool idea! Friends...they are the best links to our pasts. Good work. So when is the next post coming? :0)

  28. Nice audio.
    I like when u said...."scratch that proverb i just realised it doesn't make sense."
    Lol. that was funny!

  29. Very nice! there are a few funny things but to 'LOL' at all would be too long.
    Vera you did well!!! please keep it up and eating butter???... no dat does not calm ur

    Like the idea of a video/audio post

    A lot of people start off with many friends but gradually the number dwindles as they realise their true friends from those who just bear the title "friend". A close-knit friendship tends to feel more like a family and friends can be more appreciated!

  30. awww Vera, that was sooo cute. I was gonna say you were rambling at first, but I realized it was nervousness. Honey, you dont have to be nervous; we got your back.

  31. Nice !!

    Liked the talk esp the last part.
    You did a really good job, ok im tellin u that one cos u asked me to.

    Now il tell you wat i think.
    You did a GREAT job.
    Its not easy but ur nervousness didnt show on ur voice.

    Would not have guessed if you didnt say it.
    Big up to your friends, appreciate them cos true friends are hard to find.
    Cant wait to hear ur next audio post.

  32. arghhhhhhhhhhhhh the video just hangs when it reaches 1min n 5 secs! :(

  33. awww Vera! You did great!

    Don't worry you'll get better at it with time. This is the same thing I'm going thru with my video blogs. It takes me like 20something takes before I get it right.

    And I completely agree with you on the friends bit. Trust me, "things" will show you who your real friends are.

  34. well done Vera!!!but i couldnt see the video maybe its my laptop sef....

  35. lol! I can actually picture u saying "this is kind of cool"

    "The less friends you have, the less complications" TRUEST TALK!!! That has always been my policy.
    I also belive good friends are made, not born.

    And yes, u did do good.

  36. LOL vera, hope u didn't eat butter oh!!
    great job!!

  37. Whatever you do, DO NOT LET AFRO START ANY TALKING sorry AUDIO BLOG LOL because her fone will not allow many of us hear what she is saying biko!!!!!

    Nicely done Vera(at least the small bit i was able to hear- besides everyone else says it's i may as well go with the flow???)


  38. This just reminded me of when I did the blogville Idol Host...chai the number of times I scratched my audio clips.

    You did well jare and I was nodding my head in agreement with you, over time your true friends will emerge, they stick to you like gum no matter what.

  39. That was good and refreshing...It has led me to think. Don't be so nervous next, it's a good thing you're doing.


  40. Good post Vera.
    LOL., Uju went to my school...

  41. Love your Voice Vera, always love listening to Nigerians speak.... About friendship, my blood brothers and sisters are those i consider true friends apart from that you'd be lucky to have 2 real friends.. I dont bother about stuff like that anymore. I just bless God and try to celebrate life.

  42. Loved it Vera! you did well! I also agree with what you said about friendships..but since I am not at the 25point yet...maybe I am still yet to find out.

  43. Thank you soooo much to everyone!!! I wish I could reply individually, but walahi... overlaziness dey worry me. Besides, I have not recovered from recording 8 whole minutes of audio. E no easy ooo! Hehehe.

    @ Original Mgbeke: For real?? Were you two friends? I can get you both reconnected if that's the case.. and if you're interested, of course.

  44. lol! funmi walks around naked in front of you?!!!!!
    you need to be wary of that girl oh and I'm sure she's the same one who is allways shouting first on all your posts

    I say this at the risk of my life so if I never post on your blogs again,that might mean funmi has gotten to me or some babalawo or maybe even fineboy agbero

    excellent post and voice!!!!!!

  45. ok... i was secretly hoping no one will read/hear that part of "Funmi walks around Naked" people's i am in my house? am i allowed pls? Jeez... Vera ur yansh is so on fire....
    ok, somaybe i am a couple percent nudist... so what? plss lets be free n merry.....buahahahah

    ok, so yea, true frnds are hard!
    When i was younger, i thot that all my frnds had to be frnds... but i have grown to realize that isn't the case.
    The key to a successful frndship/relationship/marriage is knowing a person for whom they are and totally accepting them just like dat.
    for example, Uju has got a big mouth... if you are telling her a secret..... Betta say these words clearly to her - Uju, this is a secret- otherwis, uhmmm infact i dont want to talk abou this.
    vera n busola knows exactly how i feel about them too.
    i must also add that i have other frnds though.... i think. lol

  46. hahahaha i was cracking up vera...u're so cute, n yh u did good!! n i cud tell u were nervous! but its all good!!

    Pene likes.

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  48. era - nice audio post. Indeed you don't need validation what you need is practice makes perfect. I liked d subject matter u talked abut n others u yarn.

    my feedback 4 u - use d Q-card techniques..address one subject/issue @ a time. also try make am short..u knw say Lady B songs i.e. 4 -5 mins max...use da guideline 4 tyme.

    Overall, V u did well...abeg una clap 4 her jare! gud 2 hear ur voice..wetin u eat b4 dis audio blog??? ur egusi soup??? take hot tea wen u wan 2 do audio blog..helps!! no tell anybody o!!

  49. Vera that was great!!! Thank You - I could relate in a lot of ways.

  50. i can't really say much to this. i've friends, who have come through 4 me at different times. maybe cos i don't expect me, it's easier not to get disappointed if someone isn't performing up 2 par. but nice work though. u r a pioneer!


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