Friday, May 29, 2009

This Week the African women or just the Wordsmith LOVE:

This book takes Terry Pratchett's talent for satire to a whole new level, re-examining the relationship between the West and developing countries by giving a fresh and slightly humorous take to the well-known story format of the marooned white person on a 'savage' island. This time, however, the island is inhabited by a rag-tag collection of survivors with different stories to tell. Written with a real understanding from the true nature and range of human experiencse, Mr. Pratchett diverges from his usual fantasy fiction in this excellent and of course, well written piece of fiction. The book is made even more fabulous with the information that the author is battling the early stages of Alzheimer's. Although this book is supposedly intended for 'young adults', like many of Terry Pratchett's books it has very many elements that make it suitable for members of all age groups.

I LOVE this book and if you have time this summer, please read it!


Review written by WordSmith


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